Our platform was designed specifically for utility companies to simplify and accelerate the adoption of grid optimization programs. We provide an easy-to-use platform that gives you and your program managers complete visibility into your trade ally network while automating customer project requests, bid requests, purchasing and quality assurance. 


Trade Ally Management


It all starts with ensuring your trade allies are 100% compliant.  Imagine if all of your trade allies’ licenses, certifications, and certificates of insurance were all always current and stored in one easily accessible location.  Raiven makes this happen!  Our platform enables your trade allies to upload all of the compliance documentation you require for each of your energy efficiency, DR and DER programs while constantly monitoring expiration dates so you and your trade allies are electronically alerted when their compliance documents are close to expiring.

Raiven also gives you visibility into the quality of your trade allies by using our exclusive performance measurement system called QCI. As your trade allies receive work requests, our system objectively tracks and measures responsiveness, quality, customer feedback, QA results and more so you know the real-time performance of your trade allies. 

Lastly, our group purchasing program lowers the prices that your trade allies pay for parts and equipment, which can lower the cost of grid optimization projects for your customers.

A few of the utilities using our program include: PG&E, SoCal Edison, California Energy Commission, SOMAH, Duke Energy, Energy Solutions.


Manufacturers Using Our Trade Ally Network

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Raiven provides a trade ally management platform, which connects your customers with pre-vetted and certified trade allies. By simply typing in their address, customers are provided with certified trade allies in their area. You can decide how many trade allies are provided when requests are made. Each trade ally will provide installation quotes electronically and your customer can then choose the trade ally that best meets their needs. The entire process is digital and automated to save your customers and trade allies time and money.


Raiven creates a custom website for your utility company featuring your branding. This website allows your customers to learn about your EV programs, access available rebates and incentives, and quickly find trade allies. You will also receive valuable data on customer buying behaviors, installation components and trade ally performance.

Trade Ally Management

We offer two choices, (1) you can use our network of pre-certified trade allies and if you prefer, augment them with your existing allies. We’ll ensure their licenses, insurance and background checks are properly maintained; or (2) you can use our automated trade ally management platform to manage your allies and their compliance documentation.


Our powerful analytics engine will provide you with insights and visibility that you’ve never had access to before. We measure all aspects of your trade allies interaction with your customers, then display the relevant information for your review. Examples include trade ally performance, compliance tracking, pricing history and more.


Our EV-savvy customer service team will handle all EV-related questions from your trade allies.

Raiven Marketplace

Purchasing through Raiven Marketplace significantly reduces operating costs through the industry’s first solution that aggregates the purchasing volume of building owners, property managers, and trade allies to provide deep discounts on parts and materials as well as eProcurement software that enables trade allies to quickly access these substantial discounts.

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