Checklist for Successful Initiative Implementation


As a procurement executive, you’re under immense pressure to reduce costs and enhance performance, all while operating with reduced staff. Because of this, you’re always looking for ways to improve your results.

You’ve likely spent much of your time developing a visionary procurement strategy—and that’s important. However, an exceptional strategy is only as good as its ability to be implemented and adopted. As we all know, those obstacles can be formidable.  

So, how can you ensure that your brilliant strategy won’t fall by the wayside due to insufficient implementation?  

At Qmerit, we’ve studied the ways that top corporations handle procurement. We’ve learned from their successes and mistakes and have created a checklist that mid-market companies can follow to improve procurement results. 

Curious? We hope so. We’d hate to keep all this research to ourselves.  

If you’re among the few whose implementation efforts don’t need any help, congratulations! We’re impressed. If your company could improve their implementation, download our checklist to prepare for your next initiative. 


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