Q1 2024
Supply Chain Outlook

Raiven has gathered and analyzed market research data from the electrical industry to provide a forecast on what to expect in Q1 2024.

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Questions Abound For The
Electrical Supply Chain In 2024

  • What affect will the election have on the electrical supply chain?
  • How will China affect the electrical supply chain?
  • What will shipping look like in 2024 and what impact will it have?

The Q1 2024 Electrical Supply Chain Outlook presents key insights and projections to answer these, and many more questions. 

Dive into the latest insights shaping the 2024 Electrical Supply Chain! From soaring oceanic shipping rates to China's economic woes and U.S. electrification trends, uncover the factors driving material pricing dynamics. With projections pointing towards stable to contractionary pricing, find out how contractors can navigate this complex landscape for a successful year ahead. Don't miss out on the crucial analysis guiding industry decisions. Download the full outlook now.

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Q1 2024 Raiven Supply Chain Outlook