Q2 2022
Supply Chain Report

Raiven has gathered and analyzed market research data to better understand the status of the current supply chain and provide this forecast for 2022.

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Supply chain issues continue to plague the electrical industry, and they will likely continue. As a result, end buyers should expect escalating costs and project delays due to product shortages.

Motivated by growing concern over these supply chain issues, Raiven, a leading supplier of procurement solutions for contractors and building owners contacted electrical contractors, distributors, and manufacturers to gather the latest intel on the current and projected state of the electrical supply chain. The resulting free detailed report shows that higher material prices and critical pertinent material shortages will continue well beyond the 2nd quarter.

Raiven noted in the final report that price increases and material shortages are attributable to:

  • Spikes in demand post-Covid
  • A shortage of transportation resources
  • A surge in energy costs

If you are an electrical contractor, building owner, general contractor, or property manager, you should download the full report.

Find out which items:

  • Will be in short supply
  • Likely to experience long delivery delays
  • Are projected to experience significant price change

The report also offers recommendations to help to overcome many of the obstacles you will encounter. 

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Raiven Supply Chain Report Q2 2022