Q2 2023
Supply Chain Outlook

Raiven has gathered and analyzed market research data from the electrical industry to provide a forecast on what to expect in Q2 and Q3 2023.

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Electrical Products On Track for 1-2% Increase Through Q2 2023

Despite a 3% increase in the overall electrical parts pricing index for Q1 2023, Q2 results show an easing in pricing that we believe will net down to an overall YTD increase of 1-2% by the end of Q2. The most significant price increases driving the overall index higher were all related to wiring and related products. While building wire and power wire both saw about 6% quarterly increases, wiring devices and connectors along with metal conduit saw increases of 20% and 14% respectively quarter on quarter. A 10% increase in steel prices coupled with increased backlog of sourcing materials for manufacturers contributed to the conduit spike.

To learn more download the free outlook. In the Q2 2023 Electrical Supply Chain Outlook we cover:

  • Copper Watch: Details on supply and demand for copper, influencing market factors, and what to expect in the near and long term
  • Are We In A Recession?: We review the available data, trendlines, and correlations
  • Price & Availability Variations By Region
  • Switchgear & Product Lead Time Updates
  • Critical Market Conditions to Watch in Q2/Q3

How will these and other pricing trends effect contractors buying electrical supplies? How will this impact consumers wanting electrical projects completed? Download the Electrical Supply Chain Outlook for Q2 2023 to find out. 

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Q2 2023 Raiven Supply Chain Outlook