Q4 2022
Supply Chain Report

Raiven has gathered and analyzed market research data to better understand the status of the current supply chain and provide this forecast for Q4 2022.

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With prices continuing to stabilize for most electrical equipment segments in Q3, switchgear and electrical panels continue to suffer from volatility.

Although electrical supply prices remain stubbornly high, Q3 saw many key electrical segments’ price indexes stabilize, with price changes hovering under 1% for the entirety of the quarter. Despite this, certain key segments failed to find similar stability, as pricing on switchgear saw prices increase by as much as 5%. 

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Highlights of the report include: 

Q3 2022 – Trends and Developments

  • Overall electrical price index stabilization
  • Continual price increase in switchgear
  • Short supply on electrical panels

Q4 2022 – Expectations and Insights

  • Price relief and stabilization into 2023
  • 1 - 3% Price increase in the electrical price index for Q2 & Q3 2023
  • Copper scarcity to continue to drive price increase & product scarcity
  • Switchgear, breakers, & panels will be in short supply

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Q4 2022 Raiven Supply Chain Outlook