BMW partners with Qmerit to launch new BMW Installation Services

BMW of North America announces that Qmerit will provide BMW i and BMW iPerformance drivers with customized installation of home charging solutions to enable convenient and reliable vehicle charging. Customers can easily begin the BMW Installation Services process at Along with the BMW Charging Station, BMW Installation Services are part of the premium 360° Electric Lifestyle program of innovative products and services created for BMW i and iPerformance owners. Designed to make e-mobility a pleasure right from the start, the unparalleled 360° Electric program offers smart, simple and efficient ways to conveniently and confidently drive and charge BMW i3, i8, and BMW iPerformance (BMW X5 xDrive40eBMW 740e xDriveBMW 530e and the BMW 330e) vehicles.

The new BMW Installation Services program offers a streamlined, user-directed approach to charging station installation by easily allowing drivers to leverage a sophisticated digital platform at their convenience to identify qualified installers nearby – and then request no-cost, no-obligation quotes from one or more installers. As the program expands, BMW customers will also have the option to compare installers based on the Qmerit Contribution index, a proprietary service provider score that incorporates several performance measures, including satisfaction ratings from prior BMW drivers – thus enhancing customer confidence.

“With the launch of the new BMW Installation Services program and the partnership with Qmerit, BMW continues to ensure that our drivers have access to premium and convenient e-mobility services to ensure BMW driving enjoyment,” commented Robert Healey, Head of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure at BMW of North America. “Qmerit’s software platform offers our customers a simplified solution for selecting certified installation providers, based in part on feedback from other BMW owners – and provides the flexibility for BMW to develop and expand future BMW home energy installation services.”

With the BMW Installation Services program, BMW drivers can, at their convenience, visit the program’s online platform at to select and choose from qualified home charging station installers in their area. By quickly creating an online account with Qmerit, customers can enjoy:

  • Greater flexibility and convenience: BMW i and BMW iPerformance drivers can choose from multiple QMerit-certified installers in their area for no-cost quotes, compare and accept or reject quotes, and track upcoming appointments – all in one online location.
  • Charging station installation prior to, or timed with, vehicle delivery: With a streamlined installer selection process, customers can benefit from installing a charging solution prior to bringing home the vehicle, to ensure a seamless and premium ownership experience from day one.
  • Access to ratings of Qmerit installers, as provided by prior BMW customers: As the program proceeds, BMW owners will be able to review and select Qmerit-certified installers based on ratings from other BMW customers, thus building additional confidence in the selected installer.

To maximize the convenience of e-mobility, many plug-in electric vehicle owners take advantage of the simplicity of at-home charging – plugging in when they get home and then waking to a fully charged vehicle.

Qmerit-certified service providers install BMW-compatible charging solutions, such as the BMW Charging Station (with an output of up to 7.2 kW (32 A, 240 V) to reduce charging time to just under 4.5 hours for the BMW i3). Customers can track the progress of their vehicle’s charging status using the BMW Connected app on a smartphone.