Surface your products on competitor websites

Raiven's browser extension expands your digital storefront by allowing shoppers to see your products and pricing as
they search on competitor websites. 

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Market Visibility

Gain real-time data on customers and prospective buyers while they shop on competitor websites


  • Competitor prices & promotions
  • Most popular product categories
  • Common out-of-stock items
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Revenue Growth

Surface your products and pricing while buyers are shopping at their favorite eCommerce site


  • Real-time price matching option
  • Reduce customer rogue spending
  • Grow market awareness
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Program Compliance

Make it easy for your contracted customers to reel in their employees’ rogue spending


  • Reduce rogue spending
  • Custom  banner to bolster value
  • Deliver lost opportunity reports
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Data Analytics

Obtain market data on customers’ and targeted buyers’ search dynamics and pricing conditions


  • Search and buying behavior
  • Search and buying share
  • Trending SKU's and categories

Interrupt your customers’ rogue spending

You were awarded a single source agreement, two years later you’re only getting 30%-60% of what you expected. Your customer and you work tirelessly to help reel in their rogue spend with little or no success.

Raiven makes it easy for your contracted customers to reel in their employees’ rogue spending!

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Surface your products strategically

Are there competitor websites you’d love to gain exposure on?

  • Raiven will surface your products when shoppers look for an item you offer on any eCommerce website
  • You have valued services beyond price that are often forgotten by your customers. Now you have a way to promote them whenever customers shop on competitor sites. 

But it's not just your known competitors you need to worry about...


Where do your buyers start their searches?

Raiven provides unmatched visibility into your customers online shopping behaviors, such as: 

  • Where they frequently initiate their shopping
  • Which products they frequently search for
  • Competitor pricing and availability

You can then use this information to: 

  • Specify when your products appear and when they don't
  • Decide when to price match and when not to 
  • Highlight availability when competitors are out of stock 

Raiven can make you visible and relevant! 


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