Raiven is a leader in cloud-based, supply chain solutions that significantly improves service quality and reduces operating costs for OEM’s, facility managers, and contractors.

Raiven was launched as a spin out from a Fortune 500 facility services company with over 110,000 service employees and thousands of subcontractors so we innately understand the complexities and frustrations with managing a complex, service supply chain. Our passion is to bring order to this chaos.

Whether you use contractors or employees to service your customers or products, your brand reputation is at risk every day.  Raiven is a software platform that enables you to manage, measure, and motivate your contractors and employees to excel while gaining visibility into their service quality. Raiven’s patent-pending algorithms allocate the best resource at the best value for every service request.

Whenever equipment in a building is being serviced, parts and materials are often required.  Contractors and building engineers purchase over $100B in parts and equipment each year for service, maintenance and retrofits, but no one has successfully aggregated these purchases.  Raiven has partnered with Avendra to aggregate this spend and use this leverage with suppliers and OEM’s to maximize discounts on parts and materials and provide consumer-like eProcurement software to access these deep discounts.

At the heart of the platform is our Raiven Contribution Index (QCI) performance measurement system that is used for your workforce and your suppliers. The QCI is a continuously calculated score based on past performance, callback rates, procedural compliance and more.  Similar to a FICO® score, QCI scores are visible to all key stakeholders, creating a powerful motivation framework that incentivizes desired behavior and provides real-time performance feedback. The QCI algorithm has been vetted and validated by the quant group at Mercer (MMC), the world’s largest human capital consulting firm.



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