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September 19, 2022 - 4 MIN. READ

Indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring is of critical consideration for HVAC contractors. IAQ directly impacts customers' quality of life, making it an essential point of research as you try to maximize the appeal of your HVAC services.

Accordingly, Carrier Enterprise (CE) has launched IQI, an innovative air quality assessment and monitoring kit, allowing users to remotely measure IAQ, letting you and your customer know when to address any necessary changes in real-time.

This article will cover the state of knowledge about IAQ, how it is defined and measured, and how Carrier’s new IQI indoor air quality monitoring kit delivers an elegant solution for your customers. It will also introduce you to Raiven Marketplace, a reliable source to easily acquire IQI at favorable pricing.

We will also explore how IQI can function as the basis for growing your business and delighting customers through managed service contracts.

The case for IAQ monitoring

IAQ has long been recognized as an important measurement, but Covid 19 has shown a spotlight on the need for advanced indoor air quality to provide the healthiest environment.

Major concerns like ‘sick building syndrome’ have been an issue for some time, but the knowledge base has grown to recognize less immediate but more everyday effects of poor indoor air quality, like diminished decision-making ability, productivity, and overall wellbeing.

IAQ is particularly relevant within multi-family properties and office buildings since pollutants can move from person to person through poor quality air.

Indoor air quality is more than just fighting the spread of viruses. In fact, things like volatile organic chemicals from furniture, carpeting, and cleaning solutions, elevated CO2 levels from gas furnaces, as well as viruses, mold, and bacteria (especially important today) can spread through contaminated air. Factors such as high humidity foster mold and bacteria growth.

That is all just from indoor sources. From outdoors, wildfire smoke, particulate matter, and dust and pollen can enter the residence through inadequate sealing and insulation.

Improved filters and building insulation as well as routine, thorough service of gas appliances are some solutions, but the first step is comprehensive, usably formatted measurements of IAQ. Once you can identify the specific problems, you can present an organized, clear action plan for your customers.

And IAQ monitoring allows contractors, technicians, and property owners to do exactly that.

About IQI by CE

IQI is the most comprehensive indoor air health and comfort assessment kit for HVAC contractors on the market, enabling users to conduct these measurements and communicate the results clearly to customers. In addition, it provides improvement proposals tailored to specific issues detected.

IQ tracks 10 key measurements:

  • AQI: Air Quality Index – parts per million (ppm) of ozone, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter (PM 10), sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, lead, and ammonia. The higher the ppm, the lower the air quality. How to evaluate AQI.
  • PPM 2.5: smaller particulate matter, less than or equal to 2.5 microns in diameter, usually created by burning things like coal, oil, or gasoline. Because of their small size, these are dangerous due to their ability to become lodged within the lungs and easily absorbed into the blood, leading to respiratory or other illnesses. Measured as micrograms per cubic meter of air. A subset of PM 10.
  • PM10: a particulate matter of 10 microns in diameter created by burning fossil fuels or wood, along with mining and construction dust, and measured as micrograms per cubic meter of air.
  • PM1.0: a particulate matter with a diameter of 1 micron or less. Measured as micrograms per cubic meter of air. Similar in source to PM 10 and PM 2.5 but much smaller.
  • CO2: carbon dioxide – a gas measured by ppm. More on CO2 measurement.
  • TVOC: total volatile organic compounds. This is the sum of emissions from things like oil, paint, furniture, carpets, pesticides, detergents, and other materials. Measurement methodologies vary by substance. Learn more about TVOC and their measurement.
  • Formaldehyde: a colorless gas, flammable at room temperature, found in processed wood materials, paint, preservatives, cigarette smoke, and unvented fossil fuel consumption, among other sources.  EPA details on formaldehyde measurement.
  • Temperature: Ambient air temperature measured in degrees Fahrenheit or Centigrade with a dry bulb (exclusive of humidity) thermometer or electronic sensor. It is an important measurement in maintaining a comfortable and healthy environment.
  • Humidity: the amount of moisture in ambient air. It is measured with a simple sling thermometer/ psychrometer or electronic sensor. It is another measure of comfort as well as vulnerability to mold contamination.
  • Dew point: the temperature to which air must be cooled to achieve 100% humidity (the air can no longer absorb more moisture).

The IQI kit

The Carrier Enterprise IQI kit comes organized in a simple multi-pack with a remote sensor system, including up to three air quality monitors. Also included is an Android tablet to store assessment results for clear and simple reporting. Additionally, this kit is cheaper than many of the other options of similar quality and scope.

IQI’s indoor and outdoor air quality monitors continuously measure these 10 data points and report real-time results. Data is stored in the app, making detailed reports and expert recommendations available at a moment’s notice.

To make things even simpler, HVAC contractors can manage all their customers through the app with a convenient single login and is easy to configure with LTE wi-fi.

Value-added managed service programs

For HVAC contractors, IQI technology is the foundation for permanent, fact-based relationships with customers regarding their indoor air quality. With real-time, comprehensive monitoring, clear reporting, and proactive recommendations, IQI helps build steady sources of revenue by capturing all the data needed to manage a customer’s IAQ and HVAC systems.

For the customer, the benefit is peace of mind and increased control over their IAQ. In fact, air quality assessments increase customer satisfaction by 95%.

Raiven is your source

IQI is readily available through the Raiven Marketplace e-procurement platform. Through Carrier Enterprises’ relationship with Raiven, competitive pricing and deep discounts are readily available.

Get on board

Jump into the future with CE’s IQI, the most comprehensive indoor health and comfort assessment kit. Build closer, longer-lasting relationships with your customers with new revenue streams through managed services and delight your customers like never before by making service an informed dialogue instead of a sales pitch.

For more information on CE’s IQI, contact Carrier Enterprise. And for information on favorable pricing through the Raiven Marketplace, contact Raiven.