Carrier Enterprise Joins Raiven Marketplace as Key HVAC Supplier

Irvine, California, June 2021 - Carrier Enterprise (“CE”), a trusted HVAC supplier with a nationwide distribution of OEM and aftermarket parts, joins Raiven's leading purchasing and procurement platform, through its partnership with Avendra, expanding their premier network of suppliers.

After the recent supply chain shocks, HVAC contractors and facility managers are focusing on finding reliable suppliers able to deliver even if the situation worsens. This creates a need for procurement solutions that allow purchasing managers to access distributors with strong manufacturer partnerships, distribution centers, inventory levels and an agile supply chain.

At the same time, suppliers seek to gain market share and grow their business with existing clients. Since Raiven Marketplace is where many HVAC contractors and facility managers start their buying journey, it provides suppliers like CE with a captive buying audience.

“Carrier Enterprise is pleased about the opportunity to support mechanical contractors thru Raiven’s e-commerce platform.  Working together, we offer mechanical contractors’ access to over 800,000 HVAC items including equipment, parts, and supplies.  The discounts and data analytics available to Raiven customers who consolidate under the program offers significant competitive advantage,” states Rob Gallant, General Manager, CE.

CE now extends its comprehensive HVAC solutions to Raiven's growing portfolio of HVAC contractors and facility managers who use its Marketplace for procurement. Among CE’s solutions are:

  • The distribution of OEM and aftermarket parts, motors, condensers, and other equipment.
  • A suite of online tools that helps managers keep track of their parts and warranties.
  • Exclusive offers and consultations offered by specialized support staff.
  • Equipment designs and solutions that fit the unique needs of HVAC clients.

Raiven, in partnership with Avendra, the leading hospitality procurement services provider in North America, offers the ability for suppliers such as CE to connect with HVAC buyers who are dedicated to making quick, well-researched purchasing decisions on the platform.

Brett Knox, CEO of Raiven, explains, “CE offers a robust supply chain along with the breadth of products and expertise our HVAC contractors and facility managers demand. We are thrilled to have them join our Marketplace.”

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About Carrier Enterprise

Carrier Enterprise offers a broad line of both OEM and aftermarket HVAC parts, motors, condensers, control components, fittings, refrigerants, and equipment available nationwide. With a comprehensive suite of award-winning digital tools and decades of experience, Carrier Enterprise delivers a comprehensive suite of HVAC services to diverse customers, with over 1,600 people in 150+ locations dedicated to support.

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