Raiven Named in Top “10 Most Promising Supply Chain Management Solution Providers”

raiven-wordmark-whiteThe Technology Headlines, a respected publication for tech industry leaders, named Raiven as one of the “10 Most Promising Supply Chain Management Solution Providers to Watch in 2019.” The publication noted Raiven’s groundbreaking approach, saying our one-stop platform for MRO needs has “changed the game” in a 100-year-old industry by “delivering top-notch technology and landing multi-billion dollar revenue customers.”  

The Technology Headlines cited a few specific reasons Raiven made the cut:

  • The MRO Marketplace – This flexible procurement platform completely digitized the MRO labor and materials supply chain, allowing buyers to search and purchase from multiple contracted suppliers. Not only that, it facilitates ease of reporting by location. 
  • Best Value Algorithm (BVA) - With just the click of a mouse, this easy-to-use search tool quickly finds the best value on parts and materials from contracted suppliers.  
  • Turnkey Contractor Management – A cloud-based platform facilitates vendor onboarding, automated compliance and contractor performance measurement. 
  • Raiven Contribution Index (QCI) – This proprietary vendor scoring system rates contractors on their quality of work, responsiveness, customer feedback, and other factors. 
  • Deep Industry Experience – Raiven’s founder, Tracy K. Price, has years of experience in the building trades industry and saw a huge opportunity in the market to optimize contractor management and aggregate supply spends to result in saving time and lowering costs. His deep understanding of industry needs resulted in a consumer-based platform.   

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