The CIO Review: How Raiven Can Help Building Owners Cut Costs

The average building owner spends $1.45 per square foot annually on parts, materials, and equipment for maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO). At Raiven, we’ve worked with a lot of owners, and we know that due to limited resources, most have trouble lowering that cost. Let’s face it: it takes a significant amount of time to negotiate strategic contracts, not to mention educate your own employees as to why they should abide by those agreements.

So, what’s a building owner to do? CIO Review interviewed Raiven VP Jeff Golden to get his take on the ways our cloud-based procurement platform, MRO Marketplace, can help owners increase efficiency and lower costs.

 Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

  • Raiven’s platform gives owners visibility into the availability and performance of qualified contractors 
  • It makes it easier to select the best contractor for each job because our platform is perpetually rating contractors and suppliers with a QCI score, which is based on factors like past performance, responsiveness, service quality, and compliance.
  • Raiven also provides deep discounts on MRO parts and materials by aggregating the combined MRO spend of building owners, contractors, and property managers.
  • Building owners can extend discounts to their contractors. Extending this discount means that contractors can take advantage of supplier discounts, bringing down owner expenses.

To illustrate, Raiven was recently awarded a contract to establish an Energy Efficiency Marketplace in California. This means that building and home owners throughout the state can go to a single website to find a contractor and to receive discounts on purchases for energy-efficiency and water-saving products. 

There is not cost to participate in our platform. Curious to see how we can help you bring down your costs? Check out the full article here. 

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