Oaks Increases Their NOI By Saving 10%+ On Annual Maintenance Costs!

The Situation: 

Oaks Property Management operates a portfolio of garden-style apartment communities throughout southern California. Since occupancy rates and top-line rents can fluctuate, Oaks sought to increase their NOI by focusing on controlling their maintenance, repairs and apartment upgrade costs.

The Challenge:   

Historically, Oaks Property Management empowered their property managers, maintenance techs and others to make all purchasing decisions required for property maintenance, repairs and retrofits. A combination of numerous buyers, daily emergencies, no centralized purchasing, a lack of purchasing power and inefficient comparison shopping capabilities resulted in Oaks overpaying for appliances, materials and supplies – creating headwinds for improving their NOI.

The Solution: 

Raiven provides a purchasing program that delivers 9-25% savings from industry-leading multifamily suppliers and easy-to-use purchasing software that finds available products at the lowest prices whenever Oaks employees are shopping:

  • Oaks immediately became a member of Raiven’s exclusive purchasing program.
  • All buyers were trained and onboarded onto Raiven’s purchasing software within a few weeks.
  • Oaks employees added Raiven’s browser extension so that no matter where they shopped, Raiven alerted them to lower prices at their preferred suppliers.

The Results: 

  • Oaks immediately saw 10-20% savings on their everyday maintenance purchases.
  • Oaks realized 10%+ savings on replacement HVAC equipment and appliances.
  • Customer support was outstanding. "I found my account manager was very good at describing the program and its benefits. He also connected me directly with the national reps at the suppliers in Raiven’s purchasing program to quickly answer questions and ensure high levels of service." - Michael Ruske, Oask Property Management
  • Positive ROI was almost immediately evident. "Once we joined the program, we got Raiven’s discounts from that point forward for all of our purchases. Our buyers began using Raiven Marketplace right away and found it easy to use." - Michael Ruske, Oask Property Management


“We’ve seen 10-20% savings on purchases through the Raiven platform. These are amazing savings, and we are very pleased.”

  • Michael Ruske, Oaks Property Management


Oaks Property Management operates a portfolio of garden-style apartment communities throughout southern California.