Raiven's High Five - A list of insightful blogs on procurement


procurement-processThe procurement industry is always evolving, and every new year brings novel insights into its constantly changing conditions. To keep you in the know on the latest news, here are five articles that offer innovative solutions and enhancements to the procurement process during this unprecedented time. Take a look at these insightful articles for inventive ways to up your game and get the most out of your workflows.

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1. How to manage procurement compliance with a remote workforce

A remote workforce may initially seem to pose oversight challenges, but there are also benefits when it comes to compliance management. Here are tips for managing your remote workforce while keeping an eye on compliance.

2. Rogue spend in the COVID era

Distributors are changing, worker shortages are increasing and lead times are extending. With COVID, rogue spending is rampant and requires an innovative approach to stop it.

3. PPE procurement challenges

The panic buying of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) across the nation has pushed the conversation of procurement reform to a louder decibel. The heightened demand for PPE products is highlighting necessary checks and balances when it comes to wise spending and the need for emergency procurement plans.

4. Save time and money by digitizing purchasing

Digital solutions are reshaping the way we approach procurement. Digitization is helping improve efficiencies, increase visibility across an enterprise and creating a tighter bond between procurement and finance. From increasing operating margins to offering executives unprecedented insight into where each dollar goes, digital assistance can create vast improvements in efficiency and reduce overall spend.

5. The evolution of procurement in the digital age

Procurement is on the precipice of change. Digital technologies and cloud computing are evolving, and when used together, they can radically improve the procurement process. Putting a digital spin on procurement provides the ability to make better decisions and manage costs.

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