Software Streamlines HVAC Operations


HVAC Software Tools and Platforms Help Contractors Maintain a Competitive Edge


Companies in every industry are turning to software tools that can increase operational efficiency, improve customer support and enhance sales. Software can also help contractors with back-end business functions like purchasing, invoicing, estimates, and compliance. Using advanced software to facilitate a once-manual process enables business owners to focus on other areas of their company and helps preserve their most valuable resource – time. HVAC software tools and platforms can help HVAC contractors maintain a competitive edge.

Benefits of HVAC software tools

Automation improves efficiency. Software is gradually taking over many of our day-to-day functions, and the HVAC industry is no exception. Software tools allow you to automate routine tasks and streamline the operations in your business.

The right software platform holds the key for HVAC contractors to:

  • Improve scheduling – Contractors specialize in troubleshooting, diagnosing, repairing, and installing equipment. This is your specialty. Spending time and dealing with the frustration of scheduling jobs and projects is not the best use of your time. By using software, you can simplify the scheduling process and make it less time-consuming. Software enables consumers to self-schedule and select the best availability.
  • Use mobile apps – Communicate with subcontractors and customers on the go with mobile apps. Apps have infiltrated our lives and have enabled both business owners and consumers to have immediate access to data, information, and other aspects of a job or project. If a new appointment time becomes available or there is an update on a parts delivery, this information goes to the customer or subcontractor via an app, so they have real-time information at hand.
  • Automate maintenance schedules – Preventative maintenance is vital to preserving the life and performance of HVAC equipment. Relying on written reminders or your memory is not effective. HVAC software tools allow you to program maintenance schedules, which ensures that you don’t miss any routine checks.
  • Manage inventory -Tracking inventory stock can be a full-time job. Keeping tabs on filters, belts, and fuses is a tedious task that you can simplify with software. It allows you to digitize your supply product and gives you instant access to see your current levels. Software can also issue alerts when you are running low and automatically order at a certain level.
  • Get the best pricing - To stay competitive in today’s market, you have to offer a quality product or service at a good value. If you can save money on the everyday supplies that you use, you can pass some of these savings to customers, which will give you an advantage in the bidding process. Software enables you to get the best prices in the procurement process.
  • Provide more accurate quotes - If you are able to give the most accurate proposals to customers, it will keep you competitive and limit the possibilities of being asked to revise quotations. Software creates accurate, timely and specific quotations that customers will appreciate.

HVAC software tools play a huge part in positioning a contracting business to become efficient, productive and profitable. Allowing the software to automate, streamline, and refine your operations is an advantage you should not overlook.

Software can support compliance

Subcontractor compliance is a serious matter, and reducing risk to your organization should be a priority. Working on equipment within homes and businesses exposes your company to certain liabilities and risks.

Software can help HVAC contractors manage the critically important tasks related to subcontractor compliance, including:

  • Verifying licenses -The HVAC trade requires licenses to perform work in most states. Verifying these licenses should be a routine process when interviewing and selecting subcontractors. Software can verify and keep important data in a centralized area for ease of access.
  • Record keeping - Maintaining updated records for insurance and credentials is a must when dealing with subcontractors. Staying organized can be a challenge for many, but when you implement software tools, you streamline this process. The essentials like certificates of insurance and W9s are digitally filed and available for review in an instant.

Keeping your subs in compliance does not have to be a complicated or cumbersome task. Using HVAC software tools makes the process smooth and easy.

Raiven has a sleek software suite

One thing that most HVAC contractors are still missing in their software platforms is the ability to quickly assess which subcontractors are the highest performing, lowest cost and most efficient. Raiven’s contractor management tool can help with this. It measures the real-time performance of your contractors and gives them a rating from 0-1,000, which allows owners to easily identify the top performers.

Raiven’s complete software platform gives users a comprehensive arsenal that allows you to find, vet, and manage subcontractors, as well as source supplies at the best possible rate. Raiven frees you to focus on other areas of your business that will generate revenue.

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