Take Advantage Of The Demand For Eco-Friendly HVAC


Green Heating and Cooling


Green heating and cooling systems are a sustainable solution to help everyone from large corporations and educational institutions to homeowners save money and conserve natural resources while still getting optimal heating and cooling. HVAC contractors who offer sustainable solutions can attract new business while also benefiting the environment.

The demand for eco-friendly HVAC

HVAC systems have historically been energy hogs, accounting for over half of an average home's energy consumption. Heating and cooling take a lot of energy to transfer, add, and remove heat from the environment and pump it into our homes, businesses, and other buildings.

As the green economy surges and more people pay attention to and invest in alternative energies to save money and the environment, HVAC systems play a key role in this arena.

The state of HVAC

Most HVAC units on the market use significant energy and do not operate with the greatest efficiency. Some units may leak greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Older systems may utilize banned or discontinued refrigerants such as R11. This CFC refrigerant was banned in 1996 under the Montreal protocol for depleting the ozone.

So, some of the older units still have R11 circulating within. However, because people are not allowed to refill that refrigerant, consumers must switch to new ones.

As consumers and businesses move away from these problematic units, they are looking for green heating and cooling systems that offer safe, efficient and economical varieties that can do the job well and save the environment in the process.

Customers demand green heating and cooling options

Customers have access to many types of alternative energy solutions, devices and services that help them reduce their carbon footprint. These include solar panels, electric vehicles, biofuels and other hyper-efficient devices that make going green a no-brainer. In fact, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit, there has been a 71% increase in online searches for sustainable products.

Since HVAC systems play a vital role in our daily lives, it is not surprising why the demand for eco-friendly HVAC systems is becoming more popular. Policymakers are considering options to require better HVAC efficiency because it will lead to a better quality of life while combating climate change. And if this is done, we will see a big uptick in the purchase, install and use of efficient systems.

Consumer demand for these products will only get stronger. So, your HVAC business should position itself to be a leader in this space and provide green heating and cooling options to customers.

What HVAC businesses can do

Climate change news and debates dominate across the globe. Environmentalists have issued dire warnings that claim we must act immediately if we want to help avert an environmental catastrophe. If global temperatures rise, it could result in disastrous flooding in low-lying coastal areas around the globe.

HVAC systems are a major contributor to climate change and represent a convoluted challenge to the problem at hand. As the world warms, people require systems to provide cooling, but, as mentioned above, HVAC systems demand large amounts of energy and sometimes leak out harmful gases in the air.

In response, HVAC manufacturers have been busy at work to produce units that are more energy efficient. You can capitalize on this effort by providing green heating and cooling units that use significantly less energy and run on less harmful refrigerants.

Here are other areas that you should explore:

Use suppliers who sell sustainable products and components

HVAC contractors should explore options for using vendors and suppliers that provide sustainable products. Many supply houses have jumped on the eco-friendly wagon and are specializing in green heating and cooling units and components.

Utilizing these suppliers will ensure that you are providing the latest and most efficient products in the evolving HVAC arena. Select suppliers that are proven to provide you with the best quality products and great rates. That way, you can preserve your bottom line while meeting the expectations of an increasingly environmentally-conscious consumer base.

But this is just one piece of the puzzle. If you need to find subcontractors to augment your own technicians, this can add complexity and risk.

Choose qualified HVAC subcontractors

Green heating and cooling units have unique and specific components. If you need to hire subcontractors due to current workload, you should choose subs that have experience with these units and that have a track record of high quality work.

When you select preferred subcontractors based on their ability to source, install and maintain eco-friendly HVAC units, it will distinguish your company as a leader in green technology. Ultimately, this will lead to repeat and new business. Your informed customers will appreciate your commitment to eco-friendly solutions, and your business will benefit from this course of action.

Raiven has the solution

Raiven helps manage supplier and subcontractor relationships on your journey to a more eco-friendly business. Raiven’s unique platform provides you with the tools necessary to manage the special relationships that you have cultivated.

Our contractor management software allows you to capture all the important documentation your subcontractors need in one central location. Plus, it tracks the performance of your subcontractors so you have objective information when evaluating who is performing well and who isn’t.

Tap into Raiven’s platform so you can provide the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly products that will help your business, bottom line and the environment.

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