Smart Home Automation Ideas for Residential Electrical Contractors

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Author: Brett Knox
April 18, 2024  - 4 MIN. READ

As smart home technology becomes increasingly popular, residential electrical contractors have a unique opportunity to help homeowners. You can expand your services by installing the new technology upgrades we’ll detail below to make their homes increasingly efficient, secure, and convenient. Plus, it’s a great way to promote new services to your past customers!

We’ll provide some of the newer and more popular product categories we’re seeing in the market.

Automation Devices Increase Energy Efficiency

Advise your homeowner clients that they can use several intelligent home automation devices to increase their comfort, make their lives easier, and reduce energy waste. These include smart thermostats, smart lighting, smart outlets, and energy monitoring and control devices.

Smart Lighting Systems

Intelligent lighting systems in helpful locations around the house may appeal to your high-tech-minded customers. They can use mobile apps to control their electricity usage. Users can employ voice commands and sensors to address light levels and even colors and even set schedules to minimize energy costs.

There’s a variety of systems that can deliver convenience and energy savings to your clients:

  • Under-cabinet lighting. You can attach LED strips under your client’s cabinets that provide controllable light levels and colors that cooking enthusiasts or parents can tune with an app.
  • Programmable light switches. These allow homeowners to specify the times the outdoor lights turn off and on – no more leaving outdoor lights on all night long
  • Motion-sensing light switches. These are great for closets, stairwells, and other areas of the home where lights get left on inadvertently. Plus, these are very beneficial to your elderly clients who may struggle finding or reaching light switches.
  • Photocell sensors. In combination with motion sensors, these are great for outdoor lights, so they only turn on at night and with motion. New apps continue to be released that add lots of flexibility for programming.

Smart Outlets

These are often a great way to introduce homeowners to home automation and many older clients are not even aware they exist. Instead of dealing with manual timers that many homeowners can’t figure out how to operate, introduce them to smart outlets that can be easily programmed in their phone and they never have to worry about it again. Use them for lamps, recirculating pumps for water heaters, Christmas lights, and anything else that they want to schedule on a limited basis.

These are also a great way to get in front of the homeowner so you can offer other services you offer and with some, to begin the conversation about a potential electrification roadmap. Ensuring you’ll gain new business for years to come.

Energy Monitoring Tools

Your average client’s home may use over 900 kilowatt-hours of energy per month, resulting in electric bills of $100 or more, a big bite from many families' budgets. Suggesting an energy monitor may help bring down these bills.

The energy monitor can inform homeowners of how much energy various appliances use. By knowing where the power goes, they can better plan usage. They can also replace energy-wasting appliances with more efficient ones.

If you have clients that not only want to monitor energy but control it as well, smart panels like SPAN are highly recommended. These panels are not cheap ($3,500 retail) but they provide the ultimate in flexibility and control for the homeowner.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are increasingly popular home improvements. Installation is relatively simple, depending on the HVAC equipment that is installed. Your customers can adjust temperature controls to their personal preferences. They can even do this remotely through their mobile devices.

Tell homeowners that when they customize their home’s heating and cooling hours to match work and occupancy schedules, they’ll save on energy bills. Plus, if they forget to change their t-stat settings when they go on vacation, the can easily do it remotely.   Environmentally concerned clients may appreciate a reduced carbon footprint and increased sustainability these thermostats provide.

Enhanced Security and Safety

Your customers rely on you to help them feel safe in their homes. These innovative installations can provide the enhanced safety and security they desire.

Smart Home Security Systems

Smart security systems can involve both surveillance and sensors. Installations may include motion detectors, fire sensors, and contact sensors. These systems can also integrate visual alerts when a burglar or other potential intruder approaches the home. Additionally, homeowners may desire the high level of security provided by keyless entry features where they use touchpads to punch in codes.

For increased protection, homeowners can opt for motion-sensor-controlled floodlights with adjustable sensitivity. They can also schedule them to activate at night or their preferred schedule. Another security feature is these systems can alert local authorities to intrusions and call firefighters if a blaze breaks out when no one is home.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are gaining popularity. These systems offer their tenant families more flexibility than a traditional locking mechanism, and parents will not have to worry about children losing keys. Adults can also program different codes to enable friends, caregivers, cleaners, etc., to enter their homes. These systems also log entries and exits for review.

Some homeowners complain that they don’t like a digital keypad on their door. Well, there’s now a solution called the Level Lock. It looks like a normal deadbolt lock but inside it houses electronics that allows you to use your mobile phone to lock and unlock the door. It also has an optional Bluetooth keypad that can be mounted within 20-30 feet from the door so visitors can use this method. Most importantly, you can still use an old-school key to gain entry for those family members not interested in using their phone or smartwatch.

Smart locks are also part of the multifamily tech trends that offer a wide range of upgrade capabilities for multifamily property owners to offer their clients. They can choose a manual keypad or control the system through a mobile device.

Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors

An essential part of disaster preparation for property owners, traditional smoke or carbon monoxide detectors can alert their tenants to danger when they are present. An intelligent system can function while the tenant's family is away. It will sense fire or poisonous gas from malfunctioning appliances, avoiding a potentially fatal situation. Smart detectors will also protect your customers' investment – their properties.

Once you install their systems, they can download an app to connect with their phones. They'll get a siren alert and voice instructions in case of trouble. The message will tell them what the hazard is and how severe it is. The smart detectors can also automatically contact emergency services, saving precious time and property value.

Smart smoke and CO detectors also help when someone is home. If you can integrate them with intelligent lighting to flash a warning, they become a lifesaving device for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing. These systems can also give phone alerts of dying batteries.

Improved Convenience and Comfort

Home automation is another area homeowners, and multifamily property owners are increasingly interested in because the convenience of home automation simplifies home and unit management. These apps, appliances, and systems will help improve convenience and comfort for your clients.

Single App Control

An all-in-one app will often control lighting, temperature, and hazard detection. Several companies, including Amazon (Alexa), Apple, Google, and Samsung, are marketing universal apps.

Apps with more limited applications include for security systems, Find What You Like (FWYL) for music, and Philips Hue for lighting. If necessary, advise your clients that they can also opt for custom-designed apps.

Smart Appliances

Smart appliances can learn a user's habits and adjust the appliance settings accordingly. Digital devices with connected technology make cooking more seamless and cleaning less of a chore. Smart showers adjust water temperature and usage for optimum enjoyment and relaxation.

Also, don’t forget about outdoor smart devices for sprinklers and irrigation. These can provide maximum results with minimal water usage, saving on water bills and time. One of the most popular is from Rachio and its app is very intuitive.

Smart Entertainment Systems

Innovative entertainment systems may embody many options, such as streaming services, speakers, and smart televisions. Some smart entertainment devices your homeowner clients may find interesting are:

  • Wireless music systems.
  • Entertainment hubs.
  • Remotes with built-in databases.
  • Gesture-tracking cameras.
  • Wi-Fi projectors.

Some of these, such as hubs, can provide personalized recommendations in addition to audio and visual control. Homeowners can choose among numerous products to suit their lifestyles and preferences.

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